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Antimicrobial Name: Segregated-6D (Peptide)
Origin: Peptide
Functional Category: Other
Mechanism of Action: Whenever present in significant concentrations, AMPs could interfere with numerous physiological processes and cause damage at many sites in a cell, which makes development of resistance difficult. Indeed, whereas bacteria exposed to innate immunity factors in the course of evolution have clearly become less susceptible to such peptides,45,46 they did not develop high-level resistance mechanisms as observed with many widely used conventional antibiotics. In that respect, the diastereomers studied here offer a new resource for the development of novel anti-infective agents either to be used on their own or in combination with established agents to restore and boost their activity.

4 μg/ml in water


Segregated-6D (Peptide) is an antibacterial peptide with a sequence of L L L L L K K K K K K L L L L–NH2 (K = lysine, L = leucine)