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Antimicrobial Name: Terbinafine
CAS Number: 91161-71-6
Origin: Chemical/Synthetic
Functional Category: Antifungal
Molecular Weight: 291.43
Mechanism of Action: Terbinafine prevents conversion of squalene to lanosterol, ergosterol cannot be synthesized. This is thought to change cell membrane permeability, causing fungal cell lysis.
Chemical Formula:



Derivative Type: Hydrochloride: Freely sol in methanol, methylene chloride; sol in ethanol; slightly sol in water

Melting point:

193 - 194 °C

Resistance Genes:

yip1(?): terbinafine resistance locus protein YIP1,  putative


Terbinafine is an oral antifungal drug (trade name Lamisil) used to treat cases of fungal nail disease.