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Antimicrobial Name: Amoxicillin (Novamox, Amoxil)
CAS Number: 26787-78-0
Type of Antibiotic: Penicillins
Origin: Semi-synthetic
Functional Category: Antibiotic
Molecular Weight: 365.4
Appearance: White powder.
Mechanism of Action: Amoxicillin (Novamox, Amoxil) binds to penicillin-binding protein 1A (PBP-1A) located inside the bacterial cell well. Penicillins acylate the penicillin-sensitive transpeptidase C-terminal domain by opening the lactam ring. This inactivation of the enzyme prevents the formation of a cross-link of two linear peptidoglycan strands, inhibiting the third and last stage of bacterial cell wall synthesis. Cell lysis is then mediated by bacterial cell wall autolytic enzymes such as autolysins; it is possible that amoxicllin interferes with an autolysin inhibitor.
Chemical Formula:



3430 ug/ml in H2O

Melting point:



Amoxicillin (Novamox, Amoxil) is a moderate-spectrum, bacteriolytic, β-lactam antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections caused by susceptible microorganisms.