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Antimicrobial Name: Aztreonam (Azactam)
CAS Number: 78110-38-0
Type of Antibiotic: Monobactams
Origin: Chemical/Synthetic
Functional Category: Antibiotic
Molecular Weight: 435.433
Mechanism of Action: The bactericidal action of aztreonam results from the inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis due to a high affinity of aztreonam for penicillin binding protein 3 (PBP3). By binding to PBP3, aztreonam inhibits the third and last stage of bacterial cell wall synthesis. Cell lysis is then mediated by bacterial cell wall autolytic enzymes such as autolysins. It is possible that aztreonam interferes with an autolysin inhibitor.
Chemical Formula:


Melting point:



Aztreonam (Azactam) is a synthetic monocyclic beta-lactam antibiotic (a monobactam), with the nucleus based on a simpler monobactam isolated from Chromobacterium violaceum.